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File Type Description

Program executable file


Most antivirus programs identify h.exe as malware—such as McAfee identifies it as FakeAlert-EL, and Kaspersky identifies it as or Trojan.Win32.Pakes.byt.


H.exe is an executable file that runs the Sysinternals Rootkitrevealer utility, a tool designed for detecting rootkits (hidden software programs) on computers running Microsoft Windows. This is not a critical Windows component and should be removed if known to cause problems. RootkitRevealer was created for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The program looked for discrepancies in the system registry and file system to indicate the presence of a rootkit. This tool is credited with unearthing secretive measures taken by Sony BMG as copy protection which ultimately turned out to be deceptive, illegal, and potentially harmful, causing a major scandal. Sysinternals is a website launched in 1996 by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell to host their free yet advanced system utilities designed to administer and monitor computers running Microsoft Windows. In 2006, Microsoft acquired Sysinternals, as well as Winternals Software LP, the company that operated the Sysinternals website. Windows Sysinternals is currently part of the Microsoft TechNet website.

Possible Directories

  • <System>\Wbem\Mof\Good\System\h.exe
  • <Windows>\h.exe
  • <ProgramFiles>\HSM\h.exe
  • k:\new folder (2)\السمكه\flash\h.exe
  • k:\new folder\العاب\السمكه\flash\h.exe
  • l:\new folder (2)\السمكه\flash\h.exe
  • l:\new folder\العاب\السمكه\flash\h.exe
  • l:\new folder\العاب\السمكه\flash\h.exe
  • l:\new folder (2)\السمكه\flash\h.exe
  • <Profile>\tictaccouupon\h.exe
  • <ProgramData>\tictaccouupon\h.exe

Possible Viruses

h.exe  was first discovered by 2016-02-22 21:13:05.

h.exe  is aimed first and foremost the country: US, China

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Why should I use OSHI Defender?

99 percent of the world’s computers are infected with at least one malicious program. If your computer is acting strangely (running very slow, randomly rebooting or crashing) and there’s no sign of a hardware problem, you might want to scan it for viruses. Install OSHI Defender to have your operating system squeaky clean from viruses and malware.

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How does OSHI Defender combat malware?

OSHI Defender scans the whole system of your computer and checks each file and registry record against its own database of malware. All suspicious files are immediately moved into quarantine to prevent further damage to your PC. Once the scanning process is over, you can delete all malicious files and restore any uninfected files to their original locations.

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I need help using OSHI Defender. What should I do?

If you have any questions about using OSHI Defender, please contact our client support team which works 24/7/365. The service is only available to registered owners of the OSHI Defender License.

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What will l get by purchasing the OSHI Defender license?

The OSHI Defender license gives you access to all features of the OSHI Defender, including anti-malware protection, browser protection, MS Windows protection from external access and computer locking.

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