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File Type Description

Program executable file


Most antivirus programs identify regsvc32.exe as malware—for instance Kaspersky identifies it as Trojan-Spy.Win32.Spenir.h, and Symantec identifies it as Spyware.SniperSpy.


Regsvc32.exe is an executable file that is created by the Agobot worm (also known as GAOBOT), a malicious computer program designed for the Windows platform. The worm can remotely execute programs and run commands, use a keylogger to track keyboard entries, send data across networks and spread copies of itself. The worm can also be used to trigger Denial-of-Service (DoS) or Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks on a targeted system, such as an Internet server to render it useless. The Agobot worm was first created by Axel "Ago" Gembe, a German programmer. Agobot is a program written in C++. It is a type of Botnet (a collection of programs communicating with each other over networks to perform complex tasks) that does not require much knowledge of programming to modify or use. A module created for a particular program in the Agobot family can be fitten with ease into another bot. This lead to many variants of the worm being designed to suit the attacker's needs. Simply deleting the file may not solve the problem. Scanning and removing it with a trusted anti-virus software is recommended.

Possible Directories

  • <System>\regsvc32.exe
  • <ProgramFiles>\registry\regsvc32.exe

Possible Viruses

regsvc32.exe  was first discovered by 2016-02-22 20:58:36.

regsvc32.exe  is aimed first and foremost the country: US, China


The main symptoms of the infection of your computer

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Why should I use OSHI Defender?

99 percent of the world’s computers are infected with at least one malicious program. If your computer is acting strangely (running very slow, randomly rebooting or crashing) and there’s no sign of a hardware problem, you might want to scan it for viruses. Install OSHI Defender to have your operating system squeaky clean from viruses and malware.

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How does OSHI Defender combat malware?

OSHI Defender scans the whole system of your computer and checks each file and registry record against its own database of malware. All suspicious files are immediately moved into quarantine to prevent further damage to your PC. Once the scanning process is over, you can delete all malicious files and restore any uninfected files to their original locations.

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I need help using OSHI Defender. What should I do?

If you have any questions about using OSHI Defender, please contact our client support team which works 24/7/365. The service is only available to registered owners of the OSHI Defender License.

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What will l get by purchasing the OSHI Defender license?

The OSHI Defender license gives you access to all features of the OSHI Defender, including anti-malware protection, browser protection, MS Windows protection from external access and computer locking.

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